Our Services

As a full-service staffing firm, Allstates can provide a one-stop-shop for the following staffing services:

  • Contract Staffing: From demanding cycles and business growth to new technologies and acquisitions, workforce challenges can arise for a number of reasons. That's where contract staffing comes in; providing flexibility for time-sensitive projects, bridging the gap with qualified talent, and allowing employers to manage their workforce more efficiently.

  • Contract-to-Hire: Contract-to-hire provides a sensible route for making sound hiring decisions. As an alternative to hiring direct, a contract-to-hire agreement gives the employer an opportunity to truly assess an individual's skills and cultural fit within the organization. The individual is afforded the same opportunity to assess the match.

  • Direct Placement: As a traditional means of securing technical talent, direct placement involves identifying and introducing outstanding candidates for vital positions on behalf of our clients.

  • Payrolling: This is an option for employers who identify a candidate of interest and wish to payroll them through Allstates as a way to operate more efficiently.

  • MSP: Utilizing Allstates' Managed Services Program (MSP) allows our clients to focus on their core business, while ensuring that their contingent labor force is well managed across all disciplines. Allstates facilitates multiple aspects of contingent labor utilization from vendor qualification and rate compliance to 1099 vetting and recruitment best practices.